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  • The Bible through the eyes of a philosopher, pt. 1
    Proverbs 9:10: The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, not its end Where you put the emphasis makes a great difference to the impact a sentence makes. Let’s try this with Proverbs 9:10a: Thanks for reading Pensees! Subscribe for free to receive new posts and support my work. (1)    The fear of the … Read More
  • “Barbie” is even more radical
    The Trojan horse in Gerwig’s film is not feminism Warning: spoilers ahead! Why watch “Barbie?” Waste my time and money on another feminist machination? (While it shouldn’t be an ideological machination at all, since at least in Germany the rating is 6…). Thanks for reading Pensees! Subscribe for free to receive new posts and support … Read More
  • Two Ways of Saying “Clean the floor”
    Suppose you shared a space with someone. It could be as part of a family, but also a workplace or something else. Suppose further the other person agreed to be responsible for cleaning the floor on a regular basis. For some time, the floor has been dirty.
  • Ezra’s triumph
    Ezra did what Anakin couldn’t: resist the Emperor’s lure. And this despite having a similar family history of loss.
  • Kanan’s legacy
    After his death, Kanan Jarrus is remembered by his friends with such veneration. Ezra calls him “wise and brave”, and Hera grants him a place on her sacred family tree (Kalikori). Even the Emperor mentions Kanan by name – if his death was important enough for the Emperor to cite, then his life must been … Read More
  • A Different Approach to Ahsoka Tano
    My approach to Ahsoka Tano is quite different than the standard one. Unlike most people, my first encounter with her was not in the Clone Wars series, but, apart from a short video snippet from Star Wars Rebels, in the second season of The Mandalorian.
  • Unwritten laws before the Law
    Biblicism is untenable. Biblicism is the view that the Bible is “the exclusive source for formulating Christian belief and practice with explicit rejection of the need for historical background, garnering wisdom from wider tradition, recognizing the influence of one’s cultural location, and attaining insights from out-group perspectives” (Michael F. Bird). For example, Ex. 18:16 shows … Read More
  • From Egoism to Agape, pt. II: Follow the Natural Loves
    What do Alice in Wonderland and Mr. Anderson/Neo from The Matrix have in common?
  • From Egoism to Agape, pt. I: Capturing Egoism
    Egoism is a concept often not characterized in a helpful way. Many popular depictions fail to pick out true egocentrists while falsely accusing others of egoism. In this four-part series, I try to draw a path from (true) egoism to unconditional love (agape in ancient Greek). The natural starting point is to understand egoism properly.
  • Francis Collins : Is It Ultimately About Not Loving the World?
    Admittedly: I have never been a fan of Francis Collins. I have always had misgivings about people who frantically seek to reconcile the evolutionary paradigm in science to Christian belief. But that was all I would have charged him with: a misguided theology and unwillingness to consider rock-hard evidence against Darwinism. As it turns out, … Read More