Kanan’s legacy

After his death, Kanan Jarrus is remembered by his friends with such veneration. Ezra calls him “wise and brave”, and Hera grants him a place on her sacred family tree (Kalikori).

Even the Emperor mentions Kanan by name – if his death was important enough for the Emperor to cite, then his life must been too.

Is this what one would have expected when watching earlier episodes? When Kanan is impatient with Ezra? When he cannot overcome his resentment towards Rex and the other remaining clones? When Hera and he bicker over yet-to-do or failed mission plans; when Ezra hurls harsh words at him; or when Sabine is discontent with her training?

In the end, other things count. The substance of his actions, his values, his character. All the petty strife is stripped away by the brutal but chastening catharsis of death.

Seeing it from Kanan’s side: he did well to walk on in his path. Just as he was: rough around the edges; haunted by fear and doubts; sometimes harsh to those he loved; but fundamentally on a good way, a brave way. Brave to not give up; to face his own fears; to not be bogged down by conflicts; to not doubt his abilities just because someone was crowing “Bad plan!”.

And what a legacy he left. His perseverance is the greatest gift this character could make us. We do well to imitate him.

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