Kanan’s legacy

After his death, Kanan Jarrus is remembered by his friends with such veneration. Ezra calls him “wise and brave”, and Hera grants him a place on her sacred family tree (Kalikori).

Even the Emperor mentions Kanan by name – if his death was important enough for the Emperor to cite, then his life must been too.

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One For All, All For One: How Worldview Embedding Supports Doctrines

A doctrine, when coming under fire, should be defendable by argument; if it is not, it is either a properly basic belief and thus rather a given of experience than a doctrine, or probably false.

But even the best of doctrines are a tough act to follow if the whole weight of a rival worldview presses against them. They are then like soldiers fighting bravely for a good cause, but fighting a losing battle.

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Whose silence is ‘Silence’ really about?

The main question I want to ask about this film is “How could the Padres’ apostasy been made less probable?”

My theses are: (1) They should not have come as Padres (2) they should have dropped Catholic relics (3) they should have undergone a more thorough philosophical training with special emphasis on Japan’s Buddhism to meet the intellectual challenges (4) they should have dropped all notions of ‘wedding’ Japan to the Church, but rather seek to bring individuals to Christ.

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