A Different Approach to Ahsoka Tano

My approach to Ahsoka Tano is quite different than the standard one.

Unlike most people, my first encounter with her was not in the Clone Wars series, but, apart from a short video snippet from Star Wars Rebels, in the second season of The Mandalorian.

What I saw there was heart-balm for my sore Jedi-loving soul: unlike the barbaric dismantling of Jedi dignity especially in TLJ I beheld an exemplar of strength, clarity, valor and dignity. Formerly Jedi or no, this Ahsoka is an epithet of a knight as becomes the term! Meanwhile, after having watched the Clone Wars series and a large part of the Rebel series, I see that appearance with mixed feelings. The Ahsoka depicted in The Mandalorian strikes me as a bit too above the fray, a bit too pithy and shows way less vulnerability and relatability then I’d expect from the previous embodiments of her. I agree with all the people who consider Rosario Dawson’ performance wonderful in its own right; however, for an ‘extrapolation’ of the animated Ahsoka (think of a possible series, movie to come), I tend to think we need some more ‘Venus’ and less ‘Mars’ (or, for “Space Trilogy” connoisseurs, more ‘Perelandra’ and less ‘Malacandra’) in this adorable figure.

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